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CSA approved hockey/skating helmets are mandatory for all LTS skaters, regardless of age.  Click here to see Skate Canada’s Helmet Policy.
WINTER 2021 (January to March) Parent & Tot, CanSkate, & Adult CanSkate Schedules NOW posted below! Registration OPEN!

The Provincial restrictions announced on December 8, 2020 will result in a delay to the start of our Winter skating session!  At this time, we are not certain when we will be able to return to the ice, but registered skaters – please watch for updates into the New Year.  We will look at all options for our scheduled classes at that time, including whether class sessions can be extended to ensure that members get the time that they have registered for.

Please review the following details prior to registering your skater(s):
CanSkate & Adult CanSkate Requirements:
  • Skaters MUST be a minimum of 5-years of age OR have passed the DSC Pre-CanSkate stage 3.
  • 4-year old skaters with some skating experience will be considered.  Please email our office at [email protected] to inquire.
  • Skaters MUST be able to fall-down and stand up  on their own as well as move forward unassisted. There will be no refunds for skaters who are unable to do so and cannot participate.
  • NO “new to skating” skaters permitted.
Parent & Tot Requirements:
  • For skaters 3-5 years of age; little or no skating experience is required. 2 year olds will be accepted.
  • The “Parent” must have skating experience, be well-balanced moving forward/backward, and be able to support their skater. The “Parent” can be any family member or cohorted family member, over the age of 15, and must be the same person for the duration of the program.
  • The Equipment Information pertains to both the skater & the parent in this program.
All Programming Equipment Information:
  • Please purchase skates with laces (not plastic skates with buckles).
  • A well-fitted CSA approved hockey/skating helmet is required.  Bike, ski, or other helmets not permitted.
  • Skate guards required for all skaters.
  • Skater must wear clean gloves/mittens. These should be washed weekly.
All Programming COVID Safety:
  • Currently, there will be NO hands-on assistance. All coaching will be through demonstration and verbal instruction. Teaching aides will be limited to those that can be
  • Class sizes are reduced to promote physical distancing.
  • No Pre-CanSkate or Inclusive Skating programs will be offered.
  • Coaches are NOT permitted to touch or adjust ANY skater equipment (including but not limited to skates, helmets, gloves, and non-medical masks).
  • Please plan for no use of dressing rooms. Skaters need to arrive “ice ready” (skates, helmets, and gloves on). The use of skate guards is mandatory as skaters may need to walk on unprotected surfaces when entering/exiting the ice surface and arena facility.
  • Non-medical masks are mandatory. All skaters and their parent/guardian will be required to wear a mask in the building and during class time. Coaches, staff, and volunteers will always be wearing masks.
  • Only ONE accompanying adult permitted into the building with each skater and they must remain in the stands for the duration of the session. Spectators MUST remain physically distanced in the stands.
  • Prior to each class, skaters will be checked in and a verbal Health Screening will be conducted. Skaters who have any symptom of illness are NOT permitted to attend their classes, even if symptoms resemble that of a mild cold.  For the health and safety of all, please be honest and vigilant during this time.